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Architectural Visualization

Architect Visualization , Exterior 3D Renderings , Concept Rendering
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Photo Matching Realstic

Photo Matching Technology Base On Sketchup & 3dsmax , Especially Made For High-End Photo Renderings
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Common Interior Design

Common Interior Design & Visualization Like HOTEL , Office , Lobby , Library , University etc..
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Residence Interior Design

Resident Design & Visualization Like Living Area , Dinning Room , Bedroom , Bathroom , etc...

K.Shane-Design collaborates with architects, designers, developers, builders, marketing firms and corporations on commercial, industrial, civic and residential projects. Our affordable and high quality photo-realistic 3d architectural rendering fully expresses their design ideas and help enhance sales and marketing efforts.

We Offering A Quick Way To Make Your Projects Becoming More Realstic ! In The Mean Time,We Also Offer A Very Reasonable Pricing!