Octane Car Models Volume 1

12 fully Material Optermized Models

Great VRam Saved! Great Textures Saved! Faster Render

Ready for Daytime and Night View shot!

Super fast render feed back!

4 Different version included!


Volume 1 Car Models

$80.00 $40.00

Why choose OctaneCarModels??

Download Sample PDF from Here

1. Contains 12 full detail car models with octane materials setup

2. Each one of the car has 4 different version

  • High Poly mesh
  • High Poly mesh rigeed ready for animation
  • Corona Proxy(supported by Corona Render,but can be rendered by Octane Render)
  • Corona Proxy rigged ready for animation

3. Only cost 1 diffuse map(license plate) or 2 diffuse map per car(great save texture counts)

4. Suit for daytime and night view env! You can turn on the lights by only increasing the power value! No further material adjustments! No need to optimize the material settings to speed up the render!! Contains *.mat file so that u can change carpaint color anytime!!

5. Great Vram saved , Great texture counts saved , Super fast render time , Extremely material optimized!

6. Easy animate car models! With the rigged models, you can now easily create cool car animation(drift race,speed race)

7. Extremely detailed exterior with corona proxy setup , easy to improve 3ds max viewport rotation and performance!

8. Included standard obj files, octane standalone file(.orbx), octane for max file(.max) and octane proxy version, octane for c4d is now supported(.c4d)




———————IMPORTANT NOTICE———————

1. For 3ds max 2011-14 only , For Octane for max plugins 1.18 or higher version only

2. For Arch exterior viz/animation only , may not suit for car production rendering!

3. Extremely materials optimized for Octane render(GPU) with lower texture count(1 or 2 image map per model) and lower Vram.(Octane can only read 144 diffuse texture)

4. Ready to drag and drop to your own project without any material adjustment! Each car has 1 diffuse map only(no bump,no specular map needed)! Suit for daylight and night view env! Lower Vram cost(u can put as many as u want to your own project)

5. Download the PDF file to get more detail “how to use” process!! (Click Here to download the PDF)

6. If u find any problem for using those car models, please contact me via email!

Car Animation sample breakdown:

How to use Pre-Rigged models to quickly make an animation with Corona Proxy rigged model:

Octane Car models Sample Animation
Octane Car Models sample video tutorial
Corona Proxy Rigged example

Corona Proxy Rigged example

Corona Proxy Rigged example
Rigged car real time test

Rigged car real time test

Rigged car real time test
Drifted car real time test

Drifted car real time test

Drifted car real time test
rigged car physics test

rigged car physics test

rigged car physics test