16min on a single gtx680m ! Image Base Lighting Work Flow

Full optimization explanation to gain more Samp/pix

Materials Setup , HDRI Lighting , Speed Up Render

Wire Frame Mode

max scene + texture attached

Full explanation of how to keep the scene organized


Octane Render Tutorials Volume 2

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Octane Render Video Tutorials Volume 2 – HDRI Image Base Lighting Work Flow

In this Video Tutorials you will going to learn:

1. How to keep the scene organized and speed up work flow

2. How to setup special octane materials

3. How to use HDRI to create a Sunset lighting

4. How to use IES light

5. How to tweak and speed up the rendering

6. How to setup real time DOF and Lens effects


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2. No Voice record included! But every videos has Subtitle attached!! I am not good at speaking English so I use Subtitle instead of voice!!

3. My email is please feel free to ask any question

4. Video tutorials created by octane for 3ds max 1.18! Can be used for octane 1.13 to 1.55 version! For octane 2.0 , there is a little bit different!

5. Enjoy~~