Original Final Render

1.8GB full Videos + Final 3ds max Scene

In depth material setup , spot lighting , post-production

Full detail introduction of render pass setting

Over 10 million heavy scene , Speed up Render time

Full HD 1080P Videos of 1.8GB


Octane Render Tutorials Volume 3

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Octane Render Video Tutorials Volume 3 – Heavy Interior Render Scene Setup – Full HD of 1.8GB with final scene attached

In this Video Tutorials you will going to learn:

1. How to save GPU memory by using different display mode!

2. How to setup basic material and in depth advanced material such as wood floor, sofa , silver

3. How to setup HDRI lighting (Image Base Lighting) , light belts , ceiling spot lights , octane camera settings

4. How to make an orange yellow color lighting by using Temperature combine

5. How to tweak and speed up the rendering in 30 min , how to hide or un-hide objects in real time rendering viewport , how to keep the scene in a low GPU memory usage

6. How to make a simple post-production work by using photoshop


preview video:

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2. No Voice record included! But every videos has Subtitle attached!! I am not good at speaking English so I use Subtitle instead of voice!!

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4. Video tutorials created by octane for 3ds max 1.2! Can be used for octane 1.13 to 1.55 version! For octane 2.0 , there is a little bit different!

5. Enjoy~~

Octane tutorials VOL3 Preview Video