Octane Exterior Tutorials VOL4

Over 3.3GB Videos + Final max Scene,sketchup files

Complex Night Shot Modelling,Lighting

Full detail introduction to render a complicated night shot scene

Speed up Render time,Reduce White dots

Many Tiny Lights Setup,Glass Material Setup,TrafficFlow Setup!


Octane Exterior Tutorials Vol 4

$60.00 $40.00

Octane Render Video Tutorials Volume 4 – Exterior Night Shot – Full HD 1080P,over

3.3GB videos with final scene attached

In this Video Tutorials you will going to


1. How to modelling in sketchup

2. How to photo maching in sketchup

3. How to setup complex night view lighting

4. How to reduce white dots and speed up render time

5. How to lighting traffic flow and deal with man many tiny lights

6. How to quickly modelling a tree


preview video:

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4. Enjoy~~

Octane tutorials VOL4 Preview Video